...unlimited love

enjoying the wedding dance worldwide!

… unlimited love

enjoying the wedding dance worldwide!

Mixed and international weddings

You want to celebrate a mixed or international wedding? With our great experience we are the right partner for you. We give you advice on traditional customs and rites and of course for your individual wedding dance which is a perfect match with your wedding culture.

For the learning of your wedding dance we take as much time as you want, individually to your calendar, your financial and temporal engagement.

You, the wedding couple, have the possibility to bring the music hits of your country to our dance school. Together we will improve the dancing on your music. Open-minded and sensitively we respond to your wishes . Also we can give you advice for all things around wedding.

Please allow some more time for the preparation of your wedding dance. A time frame of about 3 months would be ideal because we wish you a relaxed and loving wedding dance.

Advantages of private wedding dance lessons

  • We teach you new dance steps regarding your previous knowledge!

  • You are the one who determines the appointment time in agreement with us.

  • You can book an appointment at short notice.

  • The booking is non-binding for a certain number of lessons.

  • You only pay for the dance lessons that you have booked.

  • You do not have to pay anything when you have to cancel and you do it 24 hours before your appointment.

Prepare your wedding dance with us with loving care

Enjoy your wedding dance!

A lovingly preparation of your wedding dance is most important for us. Love will be made central in this opening dance. In the end it is not really important whether it is the classical Viennese Waltz or the Slow Waltz. It can be your favourite song to create a simple but romantic choreography for.

The Disco Fox is a part of a wedding!

We also offer simple Disco Fox figures according to your wishes. You can dance a lively Disco Fox on every 4/4 time music with most of your guests. Disco Fox is highly important at any kind of dancing event. The most important thing is, it’s the dance that you enjoy.

We give you support to free yourself from useless expectations. It’s not only the bride who should feel enthusiastic when dancing the opening dance. We can help to give the groom a comfortable feeling as well.

Sensitively we will find out about the way you want to celebrate your wedding, the music style you like and your previous knowledge in dancing. Even if you are an absolute beginner we can create a wedding dance for you that is authentic and makes you feel pleasant. Don’t forget! The wedding dance or the bridal Waltz is the symbolic loving dance into your happy future.

You are at the centre of your wedding!

The bridal couple is at the centre of attention. Naturally we teach you the correct steps and movements for your wedding dance.

We will not only talk about the wedding dance. Our rich experience allows us to bring harmony into your celebration and to give you support to all the questions around the wedding:

  • What do I have to take care of when dancing in a wedding dress.

  • How to walk down the aisle.

  • How to enter the dance floor.

  • How to hold the bridal bouquet.

  • How to throw the wedding bouquet.

  • How to find the correct selection of music or a DJ.

  • How to make the kids of the guests feel comfortable.

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